About Us

AbderaFinance.com is an independent investment team that provides asset management services and investment counsel to meet the unique needs of individuals.
We are keenly focused in the areas of Forex, Futures , CFD’s, Indices, Commodities Trading.
The our strategy is Long/Short .
The investment objective of the AF Long/Short Fund is to maximize return while mitigating market risks through an actively managed portfolio of long and short positions.
Risk management is at the core of everything we do.
We invest our clients’s funds prudently and in line with individually defined asset allocations.
We focus not only on developing investment strategies to meet client-specific goals, but also on building meaningful, long-lasting relationships and full transparency to their clients.
AF’s investment strategies are carefully designed to thrive in financial market environments. Our management team is comprised of highly experienced professionals who have vast experience in the forex trading. Just as important, this experience is complemented by integrity and a dedication to personal, courteous service. Your success is our success and here at AF fund , we take that very seriously.

Disciplined Investing, Relevant Advice!

Risk Warning: Trading Derivatives, Spread betting, CFDs and FX are leveraged products and carry a high level of risk.These investments may not be suitable for all investors. Before that, seeking independent advice, if necessary.
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